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Beurer BS 99 Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror


  • Extra bright LED light: with the mirror with bright lighting, your daily facial care is possible even in poorly lit bathrooms, the light intensity is adjustable in three levels
  • Practical standing mirror: the make-up mirror has a secure base that prevents tipping over, the mirror can be used as it is not firmly installed, flexibly in the bathroom, or in other rooms
  • With 5x magnification: with the 5x magnification, it is the ideal make-up mirror, especially suitable for make-up, but also for skin care or for styling
  • Comfortable to use: the mirror is high-quality chrome-plated and therefore ideally suited for use in the bathroom, thanks to the battery or mains operation, it can be used flexibly anywhere and does not necessarily require power connection, with automatic switch-off after 10 minutes

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The extra-bright cosmetics mirror is ideally suited for your dressing table or bathroom! 36 LEDS can be dimmed in 3 stages and the mirror surface provides 5x magnification.

Automatic switch-off

Switches off after 10 minutes

5 x zoom

With 5x magnification

battery and mains operation

The device can run on battery power or mains operation.

LED light

The product is equipped with an LED light


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Weight6 kg



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