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Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker KF9170SI


• Removable Water Tank
• Adjustable Temperature
• Gold Cup Coffee
• Filter Options
• Automatic

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Take your coffee to the next level with the Braun MultiServe KF9170 Coffee Maker. Built with exacting focus on quality and convenience, the MultiServe packs in 7 different brew options, auto-on programming, and dedicated options for over-ice and hot water—all in an SCA Gold Cup-rated package. Choose single cup or travel mug brew sizes for those on-the-go mornings—or swap to full carafe brews for lazy weekends around the house. Options for lighter or richer brews are also available, as well as an over ice option that cuts your brew water in half to dilute perfectly into your glass. All this comes wrapped in a sleek stainless case with an eye to the small details like a removable water tank, cup tray, and optional metal mesh filter for more full-bodied cups.

Gold Cup Coffee
A dedicated Gold Cup setting ensures ideal brew temperature and time.

Program your MultiServe to wake up in the morning before you do.

Brew Sizes
Choose single cup, travel mug, and full carafe brew sizes.

Adjustable Temperature
Dial in brew temperature for new coffee recipes, tea, or hot water.

Filter Options
Choose either the included goldtone mesh filter or paper #4 filters for your brew.

Removable Water Tank
Remove the water tank for easy refills.

It’s exciting to see more options on the market for good drip coffee at home.

Ergonomic Options
Little touches, like the fold down single cup shelf, removable water tank, and accent-color controls show the level of design put into the MultiServe.

Over Ice
The dedicated over ice button cuts the amount of water used to brew into your favorite cup or mug. It’s an excellent effort-saver for busy mornings.

There are a lot of controls on the MultiServe, familiarize yourself with its options early.

Filter Choices
The #4 cone filter is widely available—but for full pot brews, flat bottom filters edge out these little filters and help reduce the risk of overflows

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