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Amica Mundo Sandwich Maker Black SMK-4011

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•750 Watts
•Light indicators
•Non-stick plates
•Three removable plates
•Overheating protection


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Three removable plates: sandwich, grill, waffles
In a sandwich maker you can make… toasted sandwiches, right. There is more to life than toast, though! When you want to have a waffle or a grilled dish – you can use your sandwich maker. A set of three interchangeable plates give you the opportunity to make completely different dishes with one appliance. Your sandwich maker is a really versatile partner in the kitchen!

Non-stick plates
Something is stuck again? Not with Amica sandwich makers! The plates have a non-stick coating to prevent the ingredients of your meal from sticking. Even melted cheese or spilled batter will not be a problem. Less sticking… means less cleaning.

Your sandwich maker’s speed depends on the power of its engine. The higher the power, the faster your sandwiches turn golden brown. It is going to be really fast with Amica sandwich makers… Full power for full satisfaction! And time efficiency!

Light indicators
We can see if the sandwich maker is plugged in and ready to heat. There are light indicators which tell us that! And with the appliance getting really hot, the light indicators warn us of the risk of burns. A convenience feature that is easy for all to see!

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