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TCL 55 C835 TCL Mini LED TV

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  • · Mini LED
  • · 144Hz VRR
  • · Quantum Dot
  • · HDR10+
  • · Dolby Vision IQ
  • · Dolby Atmos
  • · ONKYO
  • · IMAX Enhanced

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The TCL MiniLED TV C835 in front of you is an all-round TV to meet all your expectations . Profiting from Mini LED local dimming and 144Hz high refresh rate screen, there are no annoying tearing and stuttering. Plus, the professional ONKYO sound system with Dolby Atmos is here to spoil your ears. Just relax in the cozy sofa, grab yummy crunchy popcorn, and soak yourself in a movie night.
Rediscover the World through TCL Mini LED
Delivering greater display starts with an obsession with the minuscule: introducing, Mini LED. Incredible resolution is experienced by smaller, precision LED light sources–for deeper blacks, brilliant brightness, and overall greater contrasts. Maximizing your viewing experience, no matter the content.
*Screen images are simulated for illustrative purposes only
Top Features
16-bits Precise Light Control
With 16-bits control core for every independent pixel-sized LED, display has been greatly revolutionized! Each emitting unit is precisely controlled to deliver deeper black and purer white, ensuring every realistic picture is presented.
*Features, specs vary by model, screen size and region.
Clear and Pure Color from Any Angle
It would be annoying when uneven backlight, or known as clouding and blooming,  happens on your TV. Mini LED technology may be the only solution to it! TCL Demura Tech ensures an accuracy of light control. From any angle, it is visually clear as it should be.
Mini LED Meets Quantum Dot
Pure, ultra-high definition TV is filtered through a layer of over a billion Quantum Dot nanocrystals. A combination of leading technologies improves brightness, reaches higher contrast and achieves superior color precision.
144Hz VRR
Unlock the Revolutionary 144Hz Refresh Rate
Enjoy the unparalleled 144Hz refresh rate on your TCL C series TV, get ready to minimize motion blur and lag, enhance full resolution visual and more. Just say Hi to a revolutionary and stunning experience.

More than a Billion Colors
What lies in front of you is a TV that can illustrate a wider palette of colors up to 97% gamut under the DCI-P3 standard. Just like when you see through a kaleidoscope to witness the world of colors.
Picture Quality
Quad Core Processor 4K
A chipset enabled TCL algorithm processes contents in real time, detecting environment and upscaling display and audio.
Pictures are optimized according to contents. You will see bluer ocean and lusher rainforest.
Striking Brightness
With up to 1000 nits of peak brightness, C835 is fully functioned in a bright room. Even small highlights stand out easily. What else to worry about?
Every Frame is the Best
Dolby Vision IQ will automatically change the display settings in your HDR TV based on content and lighting conditions in the room, ensuring every scene you see is at its best.
Unveil More Detail
HDR 10+, the newest high-dynamic range technology, allows for videos and images with much greater brightness, contrast, and better color accuracy than what was possible in the past.
The Ultra Sound Enjoyment
Theatrical Sound Enjoyment
Dolby Atmos delivers multi-dimensional audio, transcending traditional channel restrictions. You can enjoy incredible clarity with greater emotion and room-filling immersive sound.

The Sound Hardware Pro
The premium ONKYO sound system with more than 70 years of professional experience in home theater, elevates your experience via cinema quality audio apparatus designed to take contents into the next dimension.
Your Live Band is Standby
C835 is equipped with 2.1 Channel 60W Speaker which creates analog stereo by 2 main channels and 1 bass channel. The excellent surround sound experience brings you to a live band show from the first drop of the beat to the endless encore.
*Final sound effects may vary depending on the contents and environments.

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