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Westpoint Electric Deep Fryer WF-5239


Warranty : 2 Years Official

• Portable 
• Detachable Frying Grill Basket
• Type: Electric Deep Fryer
• Color: Black
• Model: WF-5239
• Body: Stainless Steel insulated with Hard Durable Plastic

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Make Frying Food Easy!

Are you tired of waiting for a long time for your food to fry? Westpoint WF-5239 Electric Deep Fryer is the simple solution for frying your food quickly. Get crispy and perfectly cooked and fried food with this automatic deep fryer. Instead of standing over the stove and waiting to flip over your chicken and fries, simply set it in the fryer and let it do the rest while you tend to prepare other food items for your meal. You can adjust the oil temperature, set timer and fry on high pressure with an efficient lid. With a stainless steel interior you don’t have to worry about it rusting and ruining your food. It has a basket where you place the food so that once you take it out, excess oil seeps through and your food stays crispy. It has a transparent window so you can see how your food is being prepared in the fryer.



• Type: Electric Deep Fryer

• Body: Stainless Steel insulated with Hard Durable Plastic

• Color: Black

• Portable

• Detachable Frying Grill Basket

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