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PEL InverterOn SUPER T3 PRO Air Conditioner 2 Ton (H&C)


This advanced technology feature guarantees optimum performance and high energy savings.

It starts the Air Conditioner even on 155 Volts that gives excellent energy saving experience.

Powerful Cooling upto 50°C Ambient Temperature

It has a 4D Air Flow for homogeneous cooling across the room

Automatically cleans the AC & Eliminates Moisture

Flexible Electricity Consumption


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PEL InverterOn SUPER T3 PRO Air Conditioner 2 Ton

Rated Capacity – Cooling 7034(2000~8000)
Rated Running Current – Cooling 10.4(1.4~12.0)
Maximum Current 13 A
Rated Power Cooling 2269(300~2650)
Maximum Power 2750 W
Seasonal / Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER/EER) 3.2 W/W
Power supply source 1Ph-220-240V~50Hz
Refrigerant R410a/1300 Gas
Air Flow Volume 1100 m3/h
Outdoor Noise level 49/56 dB(A)
Indoor unit weight (Net ) 14 Kg
Outdoor unit weight (Net ) 37 Kg
Net Dimension – Indoor (WidthxDepthxHeight) 1100×332×222 mm
Net Dimension – Outdoor (WidthxDepthxHeight) 920×380×699 mm
Compressor Warranty 10 Years
PCB Kit Warranty 05 Years
Parts Warranty 1 Year


Split AC installation Cost:

Description (Wall Mounted Split AC 1-2 Ton) Tariff (PKR)
PEL Technician Installation 3000
Dismantling Charges in case of previous AC 1300
Extra Copper Pipe (RFT) 350
PVC Drain Pipe (RFT) 60
Simple Grooving without Pipe Concealing (RFT) 50
Iron Frame Charges (Powder Coated) 950
Filling of Holes with white Plaster of Paris (RFT) 200
PVC Duct for Refrigeration pipe (RFT) 240
Additional Gas Charging (if required)
**In case of more than 10ft outdoor height
(R-22) 200 Per RFT
(R410a) 450 Per RFT

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Weight 8 kg



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