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EcoStar 1 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner ES-12CR01W


– Low Voltage Running 140V
– 1 Hz Standby
– Self-Cleaning Evaporator
– Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser
– Multi Health Filters


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The Eco-Star 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner

Eco star promise you to gives moments of fresh cooling. It provides services including Eco-mode, Turbo Cooling, and Defrost feature to balance the humidity. With Low Voltage Running feature it works under the 150 Voltage without tripping out. The on/Off timer stays you comfy in every weather condition.

 The benefits attached with this device includes;
• It provides the cold breeze to prevent from dehydration.
• With the Air Conditioner the quality of Air is much better and healthier.
• The filter presents in the AC reduces the chance of Asthma and allergies by preventing the growth of Micro-organisms.
• It helps to create an environment that make your body easy from fatigue routine.
• Giving a space where there is calm sleep without sweat

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